General Terms and Conditions  – Skiverleih Braunlage City

General Terms and Conditions for renting

1. The tenant is fully responsible for the rented equipment. The equipment´s sole purpose is the use by the tenant. Further distribution or renting to a third     party is prohibited.

2. The rental equipment is not insured against damage or theft. If stolen, a police report is mandatory and the following deductibles are fixed:

WINTER:  Ski/SNOWBOARD € 185.- Kids/Junior 100.- Skiing sticks € 20.-
SOMMER: E-bike: € 2.200.- Worn tires € 40.-

For all other equipment, the value has to be compensated for. The deductible is only valid if a police report is submitted.

3. It is possible to insure the rented equipment ( except for the summer seasonal items). Therefore if stolen or damaged, no deductibles have to paid by the insured customer.

Insurance policies:

– In case of theft of a rented item, a complaint has to be filed to the police on the location of the theft.

– Without a filed to complaint to the local police, the insurance is invalid.

– The insurance is valid starting with the full payment of the insurance costs.

– Starting on the day of renting, the insurance is valid for 14 days and accounts for all the items rented by the insured customer of Skiverleih Braunlage.

– The insurance is personalized and cannot be passed onto a third party.

– In case of theft from company grounds, such as the Skirental shop or apre- ski bars, the insurance cannot be held responsible for.

4. In case of theft or loss of a rented item, the customer is obligated to file a complaint to the local police.

5. If used or handled incorrectly, resulting in damage without a liability agreement, the customer is held responsible and repair costs are charged.

6. The exchange of items for an equally priced item, during the contracted time, is possible at any point. Exhanging for higher priced items is possible for additional charge. Exchanging for an item of a lesser priced category is possible, but the dividend will not be refunded.

7. The rented materials have to be paid for until the due date of return. The latest due time for return is on the following day until 9:30 a.m..

8. The rental price only applies to consecutive.

9. If the rented items are not returned on the agreed on date, after 7 days a complaint will be filed to the police because of theft.

10. Due to illness or  accident, if submitting a medical report, the rental price will be refunded after consultation with the staff.

11. For assembly, repair and adjustment of a ski binding, a contract is mandatory. By signing, the customer agrees to the professional adjustment according to the producer and accepts the general terms and conditions.

12. The completion of a contract is only possible with an ID or credit card. The lessor is entitled to demand a passport, ID, or drivers license, as well a  security for safeguarding. A deposit as such is not acceptable as possible payment for full purchase of any item.

13. Rental after 4 p.m. will be charged starting the next day. Upon return before 9:30 a.m. the ongoing day will not be charged.

14. BINDING ADJUSTMENTS FOR RENTAL SKIES: We suggest all ski rental customers the electronic ski binding assessment according to ISO – Norm 11088 for the price of €7,-. If not choosing that option, the bindings will be be adjusted according to the standardized ISO chart. The validity of the provided body measurements is a requirement for the correct adjustments.

15. For casualties of all kinds, the lessor will not be held accountable for. Especially in case of damages resulting from wrong data given to the staff.

16. In case of deliberate damage of company property the tenant will be held responsible for the repair costs. If the damage is too severe and a repair of the item is not possible, the customer will have to repay the value of the item. For bike rental: If the tire tread is worn out on purpose, the tire´s value is to be paid for.

17. The rental costs for the product categories and  the determined period of time are stated on the homepage. The prices include all taxes in height according to the date of rental.

18. Payment will be concluded in the shop by credit card ( VISA, MASTERCARD), EC- Maestro Card or in cash.

19.Personal data

Skirental Braunlage City uses personal data purposefully and according to legal regulations.  Personal data given in purpose of rental, are only used to set up and finalize contracts. The data is handled with care and confidentiality and not passed onto any third party, that are not part of or included in the ordering-, delivering-, and payment- process.

20.Court of jurisdiction is Wernigerode.


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